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5 Tips on How to Budget for Your Next Catering Event in Mississauga

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Corporate Catering Mississauga

Catering your event is a fantastic way of ensuring delicious food is served to your guests. If you’re on a budget but want quality food, the following tips can help:

Review your guest list and see if there is room to trim the count. It’s easy for the guest list to expand rapidly but upon second glance, you may see that not everyone on that list needs to receive an invitation. Reducing the number of guests will reduce your catering costs significantly because the more people you have, the more food you will need, resulting in higher costs.

Discuss a buffet-style event with the caterer because this is a very cost-effective menu option that will allow you to stay within your budget. Since less staff is required for serving, this option will cost a lot less without sacrificing on the quality and quantity of food, meaning both you and your guests will be happy.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking family-style service is cheaper because that’s not necessarily the case. The additional rental costs for bowls and platters may add up to the same cost as a plated dinner, so figure out the exact numbers before choosing family-style service and thinking it’s more cost-effective.

Remember that the same number of waiters are required.

If your catered event is a wedding, instead of presenting your guests will an array of desserts, serve your wedding cake to save quite a bit of money per person. The chances are you’re going to have a wedding cake anyway, so this way you can provide your guests with dessert and eliminate this cost from the catering budget.

If the venue or caterer allows it, provide your own alcohol because this will decrease your catering costs by a lot. You will have to complete some paperwork and do your own alcohol shopping but the savings you see make it well worth it. A DIY bar is a great way of incorporating your own style and personalizing your event while saving a significant percentage of your budget at the same time.

Freshly Made Catering in Mississauga can help with all of your catering needs. Whether you’re looking for corporate catering options or have been searching around for catering companies in the Mississauga area, Freshly Made Catering is the answer. For exceptional quality and taste, give them a call today!

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