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How To Maintain The Calories Required For Your Body

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Maintaining an ideal weight is everyone’s desire. But the only thing that can help you achieve your goal is controlling your calorie intake. Unfortunately, calories can pile up pretty quickly without you realizing. It is extremely necessary to control the number of calories consumed and make sure that you maintain a healthy calorie deficit if you want to lose some weight. Here are some ways to make sure that your body is getting an adequate supply of daily calories to function efficiently.

Increasing protein

When it comes to maintaining an optimum calorie value, protein is the king of nutrients. According to studies, proteins can increase your metabolic rate and help you to avoid untimely “hanger” (hungry and angry) episodes. It keeps you full and satisfied for a longer period. Proteins need a high metabolic rate to breakdown. This is why consuming high amounts of protein has been linked to increased metabolism. If you want to decrease your weight and keep it off, it is advisable to increase your daily consumption of protein. Most significant sources of protein include eggs, almonds, chicken breasts, oats, cottage cheese, greek yogurt, and broccoli.

Avoid sugar

Sugar is your biggest enemy if you are on a diet. Sugar is detrimental to your health for a number of reasons. Typically, sugar is responsible for adding a load of calories in your diet, without you even realizing it. Sugar is prevalent in carbonated drinks, fruit juices, chocolate milk, and any other beverage that contains added sugar. While adding calories is one big drawback of sugar, another study showed that sugar also contributes to ageing. So if you want to stay on a low-calorie diet and keep looking young, going off sugar is the way to go.

Increased water intake

One simple and extremely efficient trick to maintain your calorie intake is to increase the amount of water you consume. Water is a superfood. Consuming high quantities of water can make you feel fuller for a longer period of time. Research has also proven that the thirst and hunger centre of your brain can often confuse you and many people end up eating when actually they are thirsty piling on excess calories. It also helps to increase the number of calories you burn. When combined with low-calorie diet water can be extremely helpful in controlling calorie intake.

Daily exercise and weights

Lifting weights increases your metabolism, but it is essential to do it under proper guidance from a qualified instructor. Make sure to incorporate some daily exercise in your routine every day. It could be anything right from a brisk walk or heavy weight lifting or high-intensity cardio. Incorporating at least an hour of exercise in your daily routine is a must if you desire a healthier you.

Reduce carbohydrates

Do your research to see which are the carbs that you are consuming. Cutting carbs is an extremely efficient way to reduce weight. Studies have suggested that consuming a lower amount of carbs can actually help you to minimize the number of calories consumed automatically make you feel lighter and more active all through the day.

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