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How To Throw A COVID-19 Safe Celebration

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

As the world slowly but surely returns to normal with social-distancing laws loosening, more of us are enjoying visiting friends and family after over four months. The ritual of coming together is as old as time and the best way to gather is with friends and family. Although the pandemic is not yet conquered, there are effective and highly safe ways to celebrate a special occasion during this time. With many Canadian provinces allowing you to have gatherings of at least 10 or more, it is helpful to understand how to navigate hosting a COVID-19 safe event.

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In this article, we will reflect on the top techniques for hosting a celebration or gathering that ensure social distancing and protect the health of yourself and the community.

1. Plan Safely

Planning for any celebration or event is critical and even more so during socially distanced events. Set aside time to thoroughly prepare for the event in meticulous detail. This will help set your mind at ease and guests feel much more comfortable and willing to attend. Consider the following when you are planning out your event:

  • Decide On Guest Capacity: You must ensure that the number of guests you plan on having in total meets your province’s social-distance gathering requirements. Although it may not be enjoyable to leave certain individuals out, it is necessary to keep yourself and all guests safe. When creating the guest list, ensure you are within the gathering requirement number and try to only include those that will wear masks and personal protective equipment.

  • Shorten Gathering Duration: Sometimes, smaller, shorter gatherings are just what you need! Prepare guests with a shorter gathering duration and even have them arrive in separate groups at different times to be safe.

2. Host A Safe, Socially Distanced Celebration

After carefully planning out the details of the event, it is time to put it together safely. This involves not only having disinfecting devices and masks available but also reminding guests to remain socially distanced. Here is what you should have/do:

  • Sanitization Points: Make sure you have ample hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, masks, and gloves at transition points at your event. This reminds guests to sanitize their hands frequently and to always have masks in the event someone misplaces theirs.

  • Have A Greeter: Having a greeter at the entrance of your party will help manage COVID-19 protocols much easier. You can always ask a friend to do this or hire someone to inform guests about social distancing and safety protocols.

  • BYO Supplies: Have guests bring their own supplies, including cutlery, water bottles, and even food and drinks. It is highly recommended to avoid sharing to stop the spread. Guests will likely be much more comfortable bringing their own supplies anyway.

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