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How to Have the Best Dessert Table at Your Next Corporate Catering Event

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Corporate Catering Mississauga

Desserts are a hit at any event. Corporate events, in particular, can benefit from a sweet table to provide guests with delicious and tasty treats that will make the event both memorable and successful.

In order to have the best dessert table, there are certain elements you have to consider and the first thing you must do is think of your guests to come up with a selection of desserts that will be suitable for everyone. You have to factor in allergies and diet restrictions and come up with options so that everyone can have a treat and enjoy themselves at your event. Guests will appreciate your efforts and the fact that you went out of your way to provide desserts that everyone can eat, which will reflect positively on your business, company or you as an individual.

As it is a corporate event, you will want to avoid desserts that are messy or sticky because most guests will stay away from it. Instead, choose desserts that are delicious and easy to eat so that your guests can enjoy themselves without worrying about their hands getting dirty or outfits becoming stained. Fun desserts are a great idea, so long as they are not sloppy.

If you really want to wow your guests, make sure your dessert table is set up with different heights to make it more visually appealing. This can be done through the use of different sized cake stands and trays to create an interesting look that all of your guests will appreciate. It will also make it easier to see the different assortment of desserts and give guests the opportunity to choose what they like.

If your company has a specific colour theme, you can incorporate that into the desserts you select to make the event fun and more interesting. This will also ensure the dessert table stands out and guests will be walking by it all night to admire the special attention and details that have gone into the creation of their treats.

Lastly, labelling is very important because it will eliminate any confusion and make details like ingredients clear for the guests. For example, if a certain dessert has peanuts in them, it would be wise to state that on a label so that anyone with allergies can stay away from it and choose something else. You can also label the different flavours of cupcakes so that everyone can choose their desserts based on their taste preferences.

Whether the event is for clients or employees, a dessert table is a great way of elevating your event, especially if it is done right. For all of your corporate catering needs, contact Freshly Made Catering in Mississauga because they are one of the best catering companies in the area who will help make your next event a success by providing the tastiest foods and desserts!

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